“there is a Black Sheep in every flock."

Black Sheep is actually an English proverb. It means, among a crowd of pure white sheep, stands out the odd Black Sheep. This Black Sheep is a minority. Its dark fleece is valued less than its white counterpart. Hence, the Black Sheep represents the meaning of worthlessness or troublemaker...

【善養小童成大同】 Parenting for a Peaceful World by Robin Grille 經過近兩年的籌備及翻譯工作,​《善養小童成大同》Parenting for a Peaceful World 中文譯本,​預計於12月底面世! 作者 Robin Grille(顧樂本)是居於澳洲的心理學家、心理治療師、家長教育專家,並曾應聯合國兒童基金會的邀請在國際論壇上演講。這本書的內容令人震撼!作者用了十年的時間閱覽廣泛的研究(包括心理學、人類學、歷史心理學、腦神經科學、生物化學、自主教育等等),再用五年寫成近十七萬字(約500頁),說明孩童心理健康的重要性,以及人類的教養方式跟社會及世界主要事件的重大關係。Robin支持母乳哺乳、親密育兒法、自主學習等,同時讓讀者更瞭解他們自己的童年經歷如何影響他們作為父母時的教養行為。Robin 認為只要家家戶戶以至每個人都關注孩童的心理情緒,世界和平將可望實現。 衷心感謝支持這個項目的所有人!

鄒蘊盈 Carrie Chau - A Hong Kong based artist with the gift of drawing equally well with both hands. Carrie has studied at School of Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Chelsea College of Arts, UK. After returning to Hong Kong, she has worked as an in house designer and painter at Homeless, a lifestyles store for six years. She has also created her signature characters BlindFly and BlackSheep. During these years, Carrie has held several solo art exhibitions including "Blind Fly" 2005, “Black Sheep” 2007 and “Indigo Child” 2009 at Hong Kong Time Squares. In 2010, Carrie received the Hong Kong Ten Outstanding Designers Award. She decided afterwards to become an independent artist. Through living abroad and deep travel to places like the Amazon Rainforest, Patagonia, Cuba, Easter Island, Peru, Bolivia, Chiang Rai, Bhutan as well as her favourite place Luang Prabang , she got inspired with a free range idea for her work. Besides painting, Carrie loves gardening, farming and flower remedies, she began to turn her backyard into a beautiful sustainable home garden in 2012. Carrie is now focusing on the creation of her new painting series "Game of Life" , and she is also actively involved in community service and education activities. Her latest paintings "The Knitting Black Sheep" and "The Piggy Bank III" have recently been exhibited at the 'Art Basel' 2015 Hong Kong.

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